Bad Teachers

November 19, 2009 | Leave a Comment

The type of education students receive is sometimes influenced by many factors. One major factor is a teacher’s ability to engage and teaching his or her students. In my opinion, the way a teacher behaves and acts towards students can determine how much they learn or don’t learn. In a blog post entitled “No Hammocks, No Papers” Jose Vilson, a New York City teacher, discusses everything that is wrong with teachers that don’t care about education. One important point that Jose raises is that bad veteran teachers make all veteran teachers look bad. Another important notion that Jose brings up is just how difficult it is to fire tenured teachers. I think it is wrong for tenured teachers to have almost complete job security, even if they don’t even try to teach their students. If tenured teachers are not being evaluated or affected by their evaluations, then they will not have any incentives to continue the hard work that made them into successful teachers. Once tenured, teachers would be able to relax and take it easy knowing it is almost impossible for them to be fired for performance issues. I also am confused by the school’s administration who allow this teacher to remain on staff. If school administrators are willingly to keep ineffective teachers that don’t even try to improve ability to teach, efforts to improve schools, regardless of means,  will not be enough to undue the danger caused by bad teachers.

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